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We bring together the world's best technologies to help you identify the steps to succeed in the digital world. We have a wealth of support and backing in the products we use and can offer you an informed and competitive security solution.

We provide the following services:

We offer the following products:

Alarm Systems

Alarms are an effective deterrent to thieves and provide a sense of security when you are away from your home or workplace. We can supply you with an alarm, with sensors and accessories to cover your premises.

We have a partnership with Secure Solutions, a well known and reputable alarm installation company. Secure Solutions is a family business that has been trading since 1995. In this time Secure Solutions has installed over 4000 alarms, all managed, and maintained, - both monitored and non-monitored.

Secure Solutions enjoys the highest of reputations, and is known for integrity, and helpfulness. Against an ever changing backdrop of competitors Secure Solutions has retained it’s reliable, friendly service, and intends to do so for many years to come.

Secure Solutions offer the finest Security Systems available in New Zealand with prompt, reliable service ensuring our customers are more than satisfied. We also provide regular servicing and a 24 hour 0800 contact number. Extended warranty periods available on request.
Secure Solutions Ltd work closely with leading Alarm Monitoring and Patrol Companies.


Access Control

Access control is becoming more common place in today’s homes and work places. Simply put access control allows you to decide who can enter your premises, and when. You can choose to grant access to some parts of the premises and not others (the server room for example) or some times but not others (after 8pm for example) you might choose to have different authority for different times.

However complex or simple you want to be access control means it’s you who decides if that person may enter – and after all it is your premises.

Access control systems can use any number of validation devices, from a keypad to swipecards, proximity cards, to bio-technology devices such as fingerprint readers or retina scanners. They can also control virtually any switch be that an electronic lock, an air-conditioning system, (think the server room again) heating, lighting, - you name it, access control can fully automate your premises.

Closed Circuit Television Systems

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is all around us, - from the fashion store to the beehive, the service station forecourt to the sports grounds.

CCTV can be used as an everyday aid to:

We can visit your site to plan the installation and work out the best solution to meet the layout of your premises.

Building Security Maintenance

If you own a commercial building, you will be required to comply with building systems maintenance regulations.

Secure Communications provides you with the assurance that all scheduled planned maintenance is carried at a time convenient to you and is of a high standard.

To arrange a site survey or for further information please contact Secure Communications on 09-525-5553.

Door Phones

Doorphone / intercom systems provide you with an easy way to safely screen your visitors. They give you the power to decide who you allow to access your premises. These are particularly useful in apartment blocks where the initial entry door is often a large distance from your own door. A door release button allows you to unlock the door without needing to physically go to it.

Gate Controllers

What could be simpler than driving up to your gate, and with a press of the remote, have the gate silently open, and close again once you’ve entered?

We can supply both the gates, and the gate controllers to enable you to do this.