Why Choose Us

It’s a good question – because there’s plenty of choice in our industry. So why choose us?

We’re not the biggest. Far from it – we’re (proudly, efficiently, flexibly) small. We’re proficient tradesmen, but we’re not standing here saying we’re the best (now there’s honesty for you!). We don’t do “everything”, We do what we do, and we do it well.

So, if we’re not the biggest, nor the best, nor the most versatile – why is it you’d actively choose to place your business with us?

The answer isn’t easy to articulate but it involves words like integrity, honesty, authenticity. Not cheap words like customer service, but real words like “care”. Words like important (as in “you’re important to us”).

In short, we take your security seriously, and when you make the important decision of who to trust to secure the things that are most important to you, – I’d like to think you’ll choose the people who are like yourself. The ones with real lives, real families, and real pride in what they do. Ordinary people doing their job well.

Simply offering the best of us. Here to serve you …..

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    We are local

    Our office is in Onehunga, a central location and easy access to all parts of Auckland. We service Auckland wide ourselves and nationally using our network of contractors.


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    We have been working in this industry for over 20 years. We have specialized in the brands we consider the best in their category, but we are competent across a broad range of alarm products, access control and security technology. If you have a more complex challenge we need help with, we have technical support available from our product suppliers, as well as a network of trusted colleagues, which ensures we can resolve any issue


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    Rapid Response

    Our aim is to contact you as soon as possible, normally within the hour. Nobody wants to wait for security issues and we want to ensure you feel protected in your environment be that residential or commercial. The logistics of attending can take longer, but seldom more than a day.


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    We offer all the latest technology for alarms, CCTV and access control. Our suppliers whom we have worked with for many years help us keep up to date with the latest product developments, and we attend the industry trade shows, and product releases.


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    Finance Options

    If things are a bit tight we can consider payment plans for our clients. Larger jobs also have the option of us arranging finance with you with our finance partners.


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    We stand-by our work, we wouldn’t want anyone to be unhappy with our service. We offer the manufacturers product warranties, (12, 24, & 36 months depending on the brand) and normally free labour to reinstall as well.


Our Services

Residential Security Systems


Commercial Security Systems




About Us

Let’s just keep this brief, – who reads this stuff anyway. Dave Hall has been in the industry since 1999. Learnt the old fashioned way, off an old stager. Been fixing alarms for you guys all around Auckland since. Clare Wyness (that’s right we aren’t actually married – despite our cheesy photo above) She’s been the Office Manager since forever. Dave does his stuff well, and well Clare pretty much runs everything. We are the nuts and bolts of the business, but we have as many technicians as the work requires. (Seriously though we actually do have a national network of independent contractors and have historically been very active around the country).

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