Closed Circuit Television

We supply and install CCTV systems that can help reduce shoplifting, bullying, petty crime, staff theft, burglary and vandalism, help with training, best work practice, track missing items and detect intrusion. Using motion-detection, modern cameras record ultra clear, high definition images both day and night onto a high capacity digital recorder. 

We can make a site visit to your business or home to provide a free security assessment and recommendation. 

  • High definition provides quality footage. These days 4 mega pixel cameras are common, 5 mega pixel is easily available, and higher as well. By the time you read this these specs have probably been exceeded.
  • Super sensitive motion recording with up to 64 cameras
  • See images from all cameras simultaneously or choose full screen view from a single camera
  • View footage remotely (in real time) from your computer, smart phone or tablet
  • Schedule recording between set times
  • Search video footage by date, time or alarm to quickly find what you’re looking for
  • Choose your playback speed
  • Minimum 1TB digital hard drive
  • Smartphone or online access 24 hours

In short there has been a revolution in surveillance quality in the past 15 years. I can still remember black and white cameras, and VCRs. Then all the variations that have been released since, – up to the current high definition, high capacity, fast, accessible, digital surveillance. It’s massively better, and ironically probably no more expensive, – or even cheaper than it was way back when

Access Control

Access control allows authorised people in and keeps unauthorised people out. It provides control. Access can be granted or denied depending on what permissions are granted, at what time of the day, or day of the week. A system can provide detailed reporting, can be managed remotely, and can interface with other systems (fire, intrusion, CCTV, monitoring)

We favour installing the Inner Range suite of products, and only service systems that we have installed.


With an intercom at the gate or building entrance, you can provide access to visitors as and when required, or talk to those other, unwanted visitors without opening the door.

There are many new brands on the market now and some of them very good technology too. Alongside the improvements in camera technology I’ve already mentioned, there is also far more and far better wireless technology  available now. In the same way the CCTV industry has made a quantum leap, so too has the intercom industry

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