Alarm Monitoring

We offer a variety of alarm monitoring packages that include:

Residential Security Systems

Comercial Security Systems

Comercial Security Systems

We have been providing alarm monitoring services for 17 years and fair to say worked with many monitoring companies in that time. For the past 7 or 8 years we have used Alarm Watch NZ exclusively. In my opinion they are the most professional, innovative, well trained, honest straight shooters in the game. I don’t plan to use another central station because they’re the best. Check out their website

Choose one of our monitoring packages for your complete security. With our monitoring station partners Alarmwatch NZ we are able to monitor both your alarm and camera systems.

  • We monitor alarm activations, sets & unsets, troubles, or if you choose it – failure to set (on a schedule) or, open outside of normal hours.
  • We will then follow your instructions for what to do, whether that be calling site contacting your emergency contacts or deploying a security guard.
  • Some insurance companies give a discount for properties that have alarms installed, (and used) check and mention to your provider.
  • You can have a portal into the monitoring site via an online app, which allows you to manage the account, view the alarm status, receive the history, and if your alarm is set up for it, arm and disarm remotely.
  • If you have CCTV cameras installed that you can view remotely, then they can be monitored too. From virtual guard tours to intrusion verification, this provides another tool in the security tool kit, and compares favourably to traditional services such as patrols or in some cases static guards
  • Our CCTV monitoring partner

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