Alarm Installation

We supply and install security alarms to suit your home or business requirements. We can install any of the mainstream commercial brands but our favourites are the Paradox range and then the Bosch alarms. Both these brands have enormous levels of support, locally and from the manufacturers, they have vast R&D budgets, very high quality technology, and are very reliable and robust. But we can install any brand you favour, and we actively do service every brand .

Most alarm servicing is basic. Common faults include:

  • Backup battery requires replacing
  • Sirens not working
  • Alarm code requires changing
  • Checking monitoring signals to monitoring station
  • Testing smoke detectors
  • GPRS supply and installations due to the roll out of fiber
  • Calibrate and replace sensors
  • Upgrades to new generation alarm systems
  • Authorities / schedules / areas changing

Other fault finding however can be far from basic, and trouble shooting can be a real exercise in problem solving. The larger the system the more scope there is for complexity. All alarms and access control systems, CCTV systems, & intercoms are all logical. So even if we sometimes scratch our heads, I know there is always a logical explanation, and so far we’ve always managed to find it

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